Monday, February 6, 2012

It's a new month, a new year and lets do this thing! I am going to start blogging again. I've let life get the best of me and I've realized just how much I need to keep up with this thing! One day my kids will look at this and hopefully have a smile on their face when they start reading through the blogs I've written. I WILL KEEP UP WITH IT!!! 

It's February 6th! Holy's been 8 months since my last blog. Ryan will be 21 months old on February 14th and is ALL boy! About an hour ago he somehow managed to break our coffee table. Oh well, we needed an excuse to buy that ottoman we've had our eye on. He loves to climb on everything and is quite the demanding little dude! He's also quite the snuggler. Loves to come up to me and lay on my shoulder. Right now he's in 18 month clothes and a size 6 double wide (yes, I said double wide feet...he's got fatty feet!). 

Mackenzie is 5 going on 15. She started kindergarten this year and is doing fabulous! We moved 2 months into the school year and she had to transfer schools. She misses her old class and teacher but is adjusting well. I don't think her personality meshes as well with her new teacher as it did with her previous teacher at PGE. She was fabulous and we definitely miss her. Mackenzie is really into coloring and drawing these days and also loves to dance! Her and Ryan really know how to rock out on the living room floor. :) 

Hubs is doing fantastic! He got a job working on the Atlanta Braves grounds crew last year and had a blast! He worked the days he wasn't at the fire station so he was gone a lot but there was comfort knowing that he's out doing something he loves and bringing home a little extra cash, nothing wrong with that! Go Braves!!! 

I will be posting more about some completed decorating projects i've been doing/will be doing in the next few weeks and trying to blog on some amazing recipes I've tried from If you haven't signed up for it let me know and I will send you an invite. DEFINITELY an amazing site if you are feeling crafty or feeling like Betty Crocker! :) 

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