Monday, August 15, 2011

Yoooohooo, is anyone out there?

We are all still alive and kickin'. I have let time get away from me and just never had a moment to update this rusty old thing. We have had quite a busy year! Mackenzie turned 4 last August and now our big 4 year old is about to turn FIVE!!! And just started Kindergarten. When your parents tell you that you're growing up way too fast, they aren't kidding! They grow up so quickly.

Ryan turned 1 this past May. We had a fantastic little celebration and he got quite messy with his smash cake! He started walking about a month after his birthday and now is running all over the place! Sometimes I wonder if he's going to be our terror child...he loves to get into anything he's not supposed to be in. Mackenzie on the other hand was so easy, we never had to worry about her getting into stuff she wasn't supposed to. A few days ago, we caught him playing splish-spash in the toilet right after his bath! He's such a momma's boy, always wanting to snuggle and I am loving every minute of it!

Kris is doing good, has a bit of a cold right now but he's slowly getting better. He got a part-time job working on the Atlanta Braves Grounds Crew this spring. He LOVES it! When the Braves are in town and he's not at the station you can find him at Turner Field! He's been on TV almost every game too which is extremely exciting!

We have some exciting news to share. We are moving into a house in Covington this Fall! So excited to be in a house and out of this stinkin' apartment. It's been a great little place but it way too small for us. We will be off of HWY 212 right behind the new Denny Dobb's park. Lovely house on a gravel road. It's so cozy and we can't wait to make it our own!

I need to get Boogs up so we can go get Kenz from school. <3