Monday, January 11, 2010

Dave likes to wear, dirty underwear.

Alvin and the Chipmunks. Wow! What a great movie. Uncle Greg let Mackenzie borrow it a few weeks ago and we have watched it 5 thousand 8 hundred billion times. Or so it feels. It's a great movie. Bebaw took everyone to see The Squeakwal when he came to visit. It was Mackenzie's first movie in a theater and she did wonderful! She even danced in her seat. It was priceless. I think we may have to buy them both for Mackenzie. Here is the song that Alvin sings to Dave in the movie:
Dave likes to wear
Dirty Underwear
With little tiny hairs

Yeah, really, that's what he sings. Don't you just want to shake your head and say, What? We were at The Varsity the week after Christmas and kiddo blurted out, "DAVE LIKES TO WEAR, DIRTY UNDERWEAR". We were a little embarrassed but needless to say it was quite hysterical. That will be one to tell her first boyfriend. :)

Today, I woke up with blurred vision and then gradually started to get a headache. Ended up calling my OB and had to go into the office. Nothing ever happens when Kris is off work, it always happens when he's at the fire station, go figure! Thanks to my best friend, Kristen, I was able to get to the OB. Blood pressure was normal (slightly low, actually), 108/76 and baby was fine. He did not like Dr. Tope putting the dopper on my belly. Is he stubborn already?!? Anyway, She recommends I see an eye doctor. Fantastic. I get to wear nerd goggles. (No offense to all you goggle wearers out there).

Tomorrow our high is going to be 41 tomorrow. YAY!!! Maybe we'll break out the pool and take a swim. ;) I am SO tired of this below freezing weather. The view from inside is beautiful but the second I step out that door I want to come back in. And being pregnant this time around, I have been extremely HOT natured. It takes a lot for me to be cold these days! I was rather disappointed in our "snow" this past Thursday night. North Atlanta got A LOT more than we did, some counties in N. GA will still be closed tomorrow. I can't say i've ever had 3 snow days in a row, those lucky dawgs!

So, I got sucked into The Bachelor tonight. It was quite interesting. Never thought one of the girls would cheat on "The Bachelor". After all, he's the reason she's there. Right? How strange.

And it's BEDTIME for me! Mackenzie's deep into la-la land with her "dwoggie" that she's been carrying around all day and Kris is at the fire station tonight so that means I get to snuggle up with his pillow. Oh the joys of being a fireman's wife. I am very proud of his career. I don't necessarily like the whole idea of running into a burning building myself but he does. It takes a brave man to be a firefighter and I will always respect them. Seriously, how many women get to say, "My husband SAVES lives"? Gives me chill bumps every time!

My *FIRST* post...

Just a wee bit skeptical about this whole thing but I figured I'd give it a shot.


Kris-my awesome hubby. Who is also a muy caliente fireman. :)
Mackenzie-my sweet baby girl (who will be 4 in August).
Ryan-my little thumper (due to arrive in May).